Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Q and A - Reception Sites - Can You Negotiate The Rental Fee?

Q: In your article, "7 Ways to Save on your Wedding Reception Venue," you said to look around for a place that doesn’t have a rental fee. What if you love the place that has a high rental fee, is that fee negotiable?

Thanks for any advice. Will keep reading your blog!
- Randi Seplow -

A: When it comes to weddings – most services are negotiable – but it’s best to come prepped to the negotiating table. Do some background research to find out:

- When is your facility's offpeak season? You're more likely to negotiate a better deal during these months. (peak times vary depending on location and venue type)

- Are there days/times when rental fees are lower? Midweek or afternoon site rentals are almost always less and easier to negotiate.

- Does your venue provide additional wedding services such as catering, ceremonies, rental equipment, cakes, decor, accommodations, etc.? Usually, bundling a number of services together will help you negotiate better deals. They may be willing to eliminate or reduce the rental fee entirely, or they may offer you a lump discount for the entire package.

- Cori Russell, Style and Etiquette Editor, Wedding Expert

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Find Tons of Ideas for Bridesmaids Gifts

They have done so much for you, not only as a part of your wedding party but also as a friend and confidant over the years. How to even begin to say thanks to your bridesmaids? Start by presenting your wedding attendants with heartfelt gifts to express your gratitude.

Looking for an inspiring bridesmaids gift idea? Look no further than through this convenient, interactive Bridesmaids Gift search. Here, you can sort by theme, style or price to view tons of gift ideas that meet your criteria. Best of all - each gift is linked to the online retailer where you can order them in time for your wedding.

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Find tons of Ideas for Wedding Favors

Often a stumper, details such as wedding favors often find themselves last minute on the wedding planning task list. Avoid the last minute panic, and browse through this convenient, interactive Wedding Favor search.

Here, you can sort by theme, style or price to view hundreds of favors that meet your criteria. Best of all - each wedding favor is linked to the online retailer where you can order them in time for your wedding.

Or if you're really unsure how to begin selecting your favors, visit this complete Wedding Favors planning guide - which includes budget tips, ideas and trends.

Friday, May 04, 2007

The Top 3 Bridesmaid Dilemmas - how to avoid them

After the initial congratulatory exclamations subside, distress can erupt on the bridesmaid front. From gripes about bridesmaids' dresses and wedding planning logistics, to deeper issues of insecurity and envy, even the best support systems can buckle under the strain. But you know that a blissful wedding day relies on a happy bridal party – and the best way to ensure that is to avert potential problems in advance. Here is a list of common stumbling blocks on the road to a happy bridal party – and tips to avert them:

1. Dilemma - Attire Backfire
There is a reason for the clich├ęd status of the heinous bridesmaid dress – and that’s because some brides just don’t think before selecting the “perfect” ensemble for their ‘maids.
Problem Solved – seriously consider allowing your attendants (or maybe just your maid of honor) to help in the dress-selection process. You can designate a color and even the style, and let them find something that suits them. There really isn’t even a rule that says they all have to match. Here is a great Bridesmaid Dress Search tool to help you and your maids find a style you can all agree on.

2. Dilemma - Money Woes
No doubt about it – being a bridesmaid is a costly endeavor, and almost every wedding party in history has included some gripes about expenses.
Problem Solved - be considerate. Don't book the room block at a 5 star hotel; don't insist your bachelorette bash be an extravagant weekend at a fancy resort; don't mandate every girl get their hair and makeup done (unless you're footing the bill.) Remember – yours is probably not the only wedding they'll be in this year – or even this month – so try to mitigate expenses at every turn.

3. Dilemma - Green with Envy
It’s often hard for us to admit – but most girls do have a bit of a jealous streak. While it’s not always intentional, it can be difficult to be completely happy for your newly-engaged friend when faced with the prospect of being the last person sitting at the singles table.
Problem Solved – reach out. Arrange a girls’ night, and celebrate your ‘maids for a change. And don’t just talk about the wedding; ask them about their lives too. Just remember to always keep the lines of communication open and be a friend.

Read even more tips on keeping your bridesmaids and wedding party happy.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Save on Bridal Jewelry and Accessories

Perfecting your wedding day ensemble doesn’t necessarily end once you’ve found your dream wedding gown. Adding the right accessories is the final step. Here are a few pearls of wisdom to help enhance your style without breaking the bank…

Your Baubles - Double Duty Diamonds
Celebrity newlyweds are setting yet another trend—opting for one brilliant wedding ring in lieu of a solitaire engagement ring with a plain matching wedding band. This two-in-one trend can save thousands on the traditional left-hand bling, and while the diamond-encrusted band given to Pink by Carey Hart may be out of your price range, there are plenty of options to suit every taste and budget. **hint – visit the Elegala.com Wedding Rings and Bridal Jewelry Search to find styles in every price range.

Your Wedding Veil - Something Old AND Borrowed
Add a sentimental touch to your wedding attire by donning your mother’s or grandmother’s veil. This easy way to save will also fulfill your “something old” and “something borrowed” requirements.

Your Bridal Shoes - Walk This Way
A willingness to shop around is a surefire way to score some deals – and the same holds true for your wedding day shoes. In fact, there is no written rule that you even have to wear bridal shoes on your big day (hint – anything labeled “wedding” or “bridal” tends to cost more). Instead, consult your favorite brands or stores for a good deal on a pair of neutral sandals or pumps.

Your Headpiece - Go Natural
If an elaborate head piece is out of your budget, consider decorating your ‘do with seasonal flowers. This is an inexpensive alternative and a simple yet elegant way to tie in an outdoor theme.

For more ideas and advice to help you accessorize your wedding day look, visit the complete Wedding Jewelry and Wedding Accessories Guide at Elegala.com - Weddings Elegant Galas Made Simple