Thursday, August 28, 2008

Plan a Bachelorette Party!

Tired of standing aside while the guys flaunted their wild last night escapades, the gals are joining in the fun with bachelorette parties often just as raucous as their male counterpoints. But donning a dimestore tiara while a lubed up dancer named Duke invades your personal space isn’t required if that’s not your thing. So just does a bachelorette bash entail? Read this article on planning a bachelorette party to find out...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Beware of Arrogant Wedding Vendors - They'll Cost You

As someone who has had extensive contact with wedding vendors - both personally and professionally - I can tell you that most of them are genuine, talented professionals who strive to perform a service to the best of their ability. For most vendors, the joy gained from performing an artistic craft that they love is the primary incentive. The money earned, well, that's extra. Don't get me wrong, at the end of the day, we all need to make a living and we all work for money. But some vendors seem to be less motivated by the craft and more motivated to squeeze every last dollar from the happy (or unhappy, depending how you look at it) couple. It's these vendors who propagate the myth it's impossible to exchange vows without simultaneously shelling out tens of thousands of dollars and going into debt.

Case in point: has a number of articles offering money saving tips for every wedding detail - from flowers, to music, to photography. Believe it or not, we've had some pompous vendors complain that we offer these money saving tips, insisting, for instance, that we remove a tip about how you can save on photography by being wary of upsells like custom albums or save on your floral budget by sticking to in-season flowers. Apparently, we're releasing to the public blasphemous ideas that vendors have been dubiously safeguarding for decades. Oh no - don't enlighten the brides-to-be!

Sure - there are many lucky brides who have unlimited funds to plan their weddings, but for many - especially with the economy in the state that it's in - these budgeting tips are essential in making a wedding a reality. Let's face it - even some couples who have the money spend would prefer to spend it somewhere else. And that's OK. Really, it is. But some wedding vendors would prefer that everyone continue to keep up with the Joneses so long as it keeps their wallets fat. I say shame on you.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How to Plan a Labor Day Party or Wedding

The long weekend and typically mild temperatures make Labor Day a popular time for parties or weddings. These tips will help you pull off your Labor Day Party in style.

Probably the most important tip - if you're planning a Labor Day wedding - is to mind your guests. The three-day weekend may allow long distance guests to attend without taking time off, but remember that most people make Labor Day plans well in advance. Combine that with more expensive flights and accommodations and crowded roads and airports, and you’ve got a potentially nightmarish situation for your guests. Be sure to notify guests of your Labor Day event well in advance, and help them out by securing the room block at an affordable hotel. Consider doing some leg work to find cheaper airfare and alert your guests of potential deals.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Plan your wedding settings and overall style

One of the first and most important steps on planning a wedding is selecting your ceremony and reception locations and choosing an overall style or theme to personalize them. This can be pretty overwhelming for a bride-to-be, since there are so many options and ideas out there. This guide to wedding settings and style walks you through it with step by step guides to planning your wedding ceremony and wedding reception. Once you've got these basics down, their theme weddings guide offers step by step advice on incorporating a specific theme into your day (anything from an outdoor affair to a green wedding). The alternative weddings guide offers unique ideas for weddings that go beyond the conventional.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Wedding Bands or DJs - Which Should you Hire?

Inevitably, you will debate the question on whether or not to hire a band or a DJ to lead the evening’s festivities. In some instances, the type of venue you choose and the overall theme of your wedding will dictate whether you decide to go with a band or DJ, but the decision is always up to you.

Solve the debate on whether to hire a band or a DJ to lead your reception festivities by considering the pros and cons of each. THis article lists the positives and negative of both wedding bands and DJs

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Get the 411 on Bridal Showers

So you're planning your best friend's shower, and you want it be be the best shower ever (OK, you'll settle for one that's fun and goes off without a hitch). Or you're the bride-to-be, and even though you won't be planning your own shower, it helps to have an idea of what to expect (especially if your maid-of-honor is show on the draw).

This complete bridal showers guide has everything you need to know. The most informative part of the article is the section on what happens during the shower (since most of us find ourselves at a loss for fun shower ideas - we can only play "pin the tail on the groom" so many times). The section lists some different ideas for bridal shower games. It also offers some unique bridal shower ideas if girly tea parties aren't quite your thing.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How to Choose Your Wedding Colors

Your color scheme has the power to set the vibe for your wedding day - so you'll want to choose wisely. This article lists the top five determining factors in choosing your wedding colors

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Create a Memorable Wedding Album with these Unique Photography Shot Ideas

As you plan your wedding photography, remember to think about the specific pictures you want in your wedding album. While the typical posed shots are pretty and will guarantee that all important friends and family members are photographed, sprinkling your album with some unique shots ensures cherished memories for years to come.

This list of unique wedding pictures will guarantee unique photo opps. that will shine through the formal poses.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mother of the Bride Dresses - A Complete Guide to Choosing Your Gown

Sure – the day may be all about the bride and her big dress, but as the mother of the bride – you need to shine too. This complete guide to mother of the bride dresses has everything you need to know to ensure you look stylish and perfectly coiffed on the big day.

And if you're already prepared to start shopping, you can search for mother of the bride dresses in this interactive photo gallery

Friday, August 15, 2008

Get the 411 on Rehearsal Dinners

The rehearsal dinner sets the stage for the entire wedding weekend and is often the first opportunity for family members and guests to meet and greet. Like a calm before the storm, it’s usually relaxed and intimate, allowing the bride and groom to unwind with their closest friends and family before the whirlwind of the wedding.

Need a rundown on rehearsal dinners? Not to worry. This article has the answers to help you pull together a rehearsal dinner, the prelude to the main event.

And if you're looking for advice on planning all the pre- and post- wedding events, this complete guide to rehearsal dinners and parties will walk you through everything from the bridal shower to the farewell brunch.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Win an Early Honeymoon at The Governeror's Club

Stressed-out brides - this post is for you. On one hand, you have an ever expanding to-do list and nagging mother-in-law. On the other, a chance to win a one night stay and complimentary breakfast at the super lux Governor's Club guest room at the Madison Concourse Hotel. Clearly this one’s a no brainer.

You can enter to win at's Wedding Giveaways submission form. The winner will be selected in October 2008.

You can also get a jump start on planning your honeymoon vacation at this complete honeymoon travel guide.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wedding Planning Guide for Bridesmaids

Most wedding planning resources are geared towards brides, a fact that often leaves bridemaids feeling clueless about handling tasks such as the bridesmaids luncheon, shower, and bachelorette party. That's where this guide to being a bridesmaid comes in. With advice on planning all the parties and helping the bride pick a bridesmaid dresses that is actually acceptable to everyone, this guide will help the 'maids nail their job with poise and grace.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How to Honeymoon for Less

It’s hard to imagine spending another dime after the nightmare of expenses involved in planning the wedding of your dreams, let alone forking over thousands for a luxury honeymoon vacation. But after months of tireless planning, you will need to get away and spend some alone-time with your new hubby. A honeymoon can be as costly as a month-long excursion across Europe or as cost-efficient as a weekend away at your local B&B. With this list of ways to save on honeymoon travel, you can escape without sacrificing your ultimate goal: relaxation and reconnection.

If your looking for even more tips and advice on planning your post-wedding vaca, this complete honeymoon travel guide will help you plan your trip.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day!

Few times in your life actually command all to rise from their seats to feast their eyes upon your beauty as you walk into view. For such an occasion, looking “good” just doesn’t cut it. You need to look once-in-a-lifetime fabulous. Feeling the pressure? Fortunately, the one thing you can control on your wedding day is your bridal look. While that fabled bridal glow won’t just miraculously arrive in time for the big day, some planning and prep work can ensure your most radiant self walks down that aisle.

This complete wedding attire, accessories, heath and beauty guide will walk you through everything from finding your wedding dress, bridal jewelry, and accessories to getting in shape for the big day.

Friday, August 08, 2008 scours the web for the top wedding blogs has added Unveiled to its list of top wedding blogs. For those of you unfamiliar with the site, Alltop collects stories from “all the top” sites on the web and groups them by topic. Inclusion in the list is purely subjective, so we’re honored that their editors have deemed Unveiled worthy to be listed as one of the web’s best wedding blogs.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Tackle the First Three Steps of Wedding Planning

Unfortunately, for most newly engaged women – the excitement of finally finding "the one" is dampened by a hard dose of stress and anxiety. Sure, you´ll find about a gazillion wedding planning checklists out there, but they all tend to overwhelm more than they help, and all essentially fail to address the fundamental question: "Where do I begin?"

After you´ve announced the exciting news and taken some time to bask in your newly engaged glow, it´s time to get cracking. Here are the first three wedding planning tasks you absolutely must accomplish before anything else. Cross these items off your wedding checklist – and you´re on your way.

Step 1: Determine Your Budget -
Every decision stems from the wedding budget. Before you can plan anything, you must know how much you can spend and who plans to contribute. Your budget will determine the type of wedding you can have - from how many guests you invite, to where and when you host your wedding, right down to the specific blooms in your bouquet. And with the ever increasing cost of weddings, financing the event is often a group effort; the bride´s parents no longer need to take out a second mortgage just to fund the upcoming nuptials. You´ll need to talk to your families about who will pay for what, and arrive at a total wedding budget. This complete wedding budget guide will walk you through the process.

Step 2: Tackle the Guest List -
Some "checklists" suggest setting a date and commencing other wedding plans before this step, but Elegala considers the guest count is the most vital decision after the budget. Here´s why: Capacity is one of the most important criteria in finding a suitable wedding venue – more so even than style and vision - and you must secure your location before you can successfully plan anything else. Trust us, cramming 300 people into a venue that seats 150 will not go over well. You don´t need to have the list finalized just yet, but you´ll need an estimate from both sides of the family (and yourselves) right away to avert countless planning headaches down the road. This complete wedding guest list guide will help you get started.

Step 3: Set on a Site and Date -
Only once you have an estimated budget and guest count can you begin searching for a place to hold your event with any accuracy. Remember – many reception sites book over a year in advance, so you really can´t decide on a wedding date until you have officially booked your venue with a signed contract. Find as many reception sites that meet your budget, capacity and overall style quotient as you can. Use our wedding reception site search to find venues in your area, and narrow down your list. Then schedule appointments to tour each wedding venue and meet with the manager. After that—it´s decision making time.

There is one wedding planning truism that we hold dear. As you may have heard it said, once you find your wedding venue, everything else falls into place. Once you have accomplished these steps, you will find the rest of your planning task list a piece of, ahem, wedding cake.

Don´t stop now - this complete ideas and advice guide will walk you every step of the wedding planning process, from setting the theme and style to managing every wedding detail

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

44 Ways to Set Your Wedding Apart

Take Back Your Wedding!

There's nothing wrong with the traditional white wedding, but sometimes it's nice to make yours stand apart from the rest.

Here is a list of creative wedding ideas to incoroporate into every detail of your day.

My personal fave? The idea of making your grand entrance escorted by your dog. Seriously.

I promise not all the ideas are that weird!

And if you're looking for even more advice on wedding style and settings, you can consult this guide at

Monday, August 04, 2008

Top 12 Wedding Trends for 2008

Every year, The Wedding Report, a resesarch company that tracks and forecasts wedding industry statistics, publishes a list of the year's top wedding trends. Unlike most of these trends lists, however, The Wedding Report turns to two sources for its results and then compares them. The consumer report looks at what brides are talking about and searching for, while the industry report look at what the wedding industry is pushing as trends.

As their report indicates, the two aren't always the same, which begs the question: When it comes to "trends," what's more important - what the media/industry/news declares as trendy - or what the public/consumer/bride actually embraces?

Either way - here is what The Wedding Report found as the top wedding trends for 2008:

1) Designers are pushing wedding dresses with alternative styles and necklines, but brides still favor the strapless gown.

2) The biggest trend for bridesmaids' attire is the wear-again dress.

3) Couples still prefer traditional white wedding cakes, but custom-designed cakes are becoming popular.

4) Consistently designed invitations, save-the-date cards, programs, escort/place cards, menus, and thank-you cards are becoming trendy.

5) Cinematic videography is a new and exciting alternative to standard photography and video services.

6) Online photo showcasing, which allows couples, their family and friends to view, share and purchase wedding photographs is a rising trend.

7) Despite the sluggish economy, extravagant weddings that include big gowns, multiple wardrobe changes, towering lush floral centerpieces, gilded place settings, seven course meals, and elaborate desert displays are still expected in 2008.

8) 1980's fashion styles are popular, including textured dresses, bright colors, wide belts or sashes, big jewelry, and cover bands.

9) White gold and platinum wedding rings continue to outpace yellow gold.

10) Currently in style are antique wedding rings for men and women, as well as exaggerated, big, bold jewelry.

11) Destination weddings are growing in popularity due to all-inclusive packages offered by resorts and easy planning through their websites.

12) High-end kitchen gear and practical cooking items are currently popular wedding gifts.