Friday, July 27, 2007

Problem Bridesmaid - Kick Her Out Of The Wedding Party?

Q: One of my bridesmaids is driving me nuts. She criticizes every decision I make and is ruining the whole process. Can I kick her out of the wedding party?

A: Ideally you two should sit down and talk it out. Ask what's bothering her and try to determine why she has issues with the decisions you're making. Perhaps she's jealous? If this is the case, a good talk between two friends may solve the issue. If she continues to behave badly, you have two choices: 1) tell her that while you value her friendship, you feel it would be best if she were no longer in the wedding party (tread lightly here though, as this may be a fatal blow to the friendship) or 2) assuming that you really do value her friendship, ask your maid-of-honor to run interference with bridesmaidzilla until after the wedding.
-Cori Russell - Style and Etiquette Editor

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